Information Checklist


Please Bring the Following supporting documentation with your Application.

□          Birth Certificate/Passport/Citizenship Card/ Permanent Residence Card

□          Most Recent Employment Pay Stub or bank statement for fixed income

□          Copy of last year’s tax return summary or tax assessment

□          Collection Letters

□          Life Insurance Policy(s)

□          RRSP Information

□          Vehicle Ownership(s) and Insurance

□          Backup of any assets cashed/sold/transferred within the past 5 years

□          void cheque/ PDF form

□          Property Information (i.e. Deed, Mortgage Statement, Evaluation and Insurance)

□          Investment Information (i.e. CSB’S, Stocks, Shares, RESP etc.)

□          Corporate Information (i.e. Shares, Minute Book and Corporate Seal).

  • credit card statement/ Equifax Report