Debt Free Introduction

Debt Free

Is a debt advisory and credit counselling firm which provides its clients with legal solutions to personal and business debts. Not only are we experienced and well qualified, but also, we are registered professionals who are going to work directly with you to give you the best solution for your particular financial and credit problem and case.

Becoming a professional credit counsellor is not something that can be done overnight. It needs a lot of experience because it is only then we can give you the right solutions and dedicated service necessary for managing your finances and controlling your debt problems.

So if you have any sort of worries connected to –

  • Legal matters.
  • Wage garnishment.
  • Problems with the revenue service or with your taxes.
  • Problems with debt and your creditors…

What is the difference between Debt Free and a trustee in bankruptcy?

Remember that a trustee’s job is to look out for the interests of your creditors. However, if you retain us and our services, we are going to be looking out for you and how best way in which we can ward off filing for bankruptcy. This is where we might offer you the suggestion to file for a consumer proposal.